Founded by Philadelphia-based model, writer and performer, Jessa Jordan, BrownGirlParty is a collaborative apparel and accessories brand for and by Womxn/Grrls of Color and people who love them!


BrownGirlParty started out in 2013 as a joke between Milloux SG (@Milloux) and I (@MissJessaJordan). It was a moment bursting with high energy, respect, creativity and love. We were stoked about the amount of Brown and Black womxn around us, creating and supporting each other. I bottled that moment and birthed it back into the world in 2016 as a t-shirt company with one aim: to inspire Womxn/Grrls of Color to live their most authentic and unapologetic lives full of self love, support, ambition and creativity.

With a modest start boasting 3 designs that were collaborations between Jessa, Chicago-based illustrator Jettila Lewis (@JettilaLewis) and Philadelphia-based artist, Courtney Williamson (@Courtney_Draws), season one debuted in September 2016. The designs included my “Let Me Do This” t-shirt inspired by my rock/punk interests and a dedication to honoring and uplifting Black and Brown womxn and girls with the 7 “tenants” of BGP; the “Personal Growth” top, which featured dazzling sunflower nipples on a brown t-shirt designed by Jettila reminding us that happiness and prosperity always comes from within, no matter what soil they took root in; and finally, Courtney’s incredible logo design, “Squad Goals” featuring 4 very lovely and different Brown womxn/girls who exemplify friendship, strength, love, happiness and sisterhood on the pocket of a racerback tank top.

Taking a small reprieve in 2017 to focus on goal setting and creative direction, BrownGirlParty returned in 2018, adding 2 new artists to the family: 2018 MOORE College of Art and Design graduate Angelica Hue (AKHUEART.WORDPRESS.COM) and LA-based visual artist, Anita Moore (@AnitaNichole). We are also delighted to have Jetti and Courtney deliver more work for the 2018 Seasons!

With continuing support in our hometown of Philadelphia and beyond, BrownGirlParty evolves each year. Through collaboration and endless effort on behalf of so many talented and delightful womxn of color, we hope to inspire an entire generation of womxn and girls to support, love and inspire each other, themselves and their communities. Come join the party!



Portrait by Danielle Morris


Natural Habitat

"I created BrownGirlParty because I was tired of seeing companies market to us without envisioning all types of womxn/girls, not just cis-heter folks in their products, let alone our struggles or our authentic selves."

Jessa Jordan